We started in 2004, we're a Dallas based Baby Blankie company specializing in unique embroidered baby blankies: all the while, trying get a few smiles in the process. While many personalization shops or national retailers offer personalization, it's usually 20 or so characters and takes a few weeks. Well, it's part of who we are not to settle for status quo, and with up to 200 characters per blankie and 3-7 day turn-around, I think we're doing pretty good.

Since we launched our site in June 2004, we've gotten a lot of feedback from the media as well as our customers. See what others are saying about their Fill In The Blankie: Feedback on our Personalized Baby Blankets.
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Plain and simple fact: we offer 200 characters (remember, spaces & punctuation count!) of embroidery in the cost of your blankie. Many websites and stores now offer the embroidery of a name, monogram, or date. However, most of these stores offer as little as 3-20 characters per blanket. If you go to an embroidery shop, you can get as much embroidery as you want, but you'll most likely pay out the nose for 200 characters.

Plus, we offer more font choices than almost anyone out there. With the high quality blankets, this unique Baby Gift just might be the most thoughtful gift a mom and her new baby could get.
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Personalized Blankets Layout: Your text (up to 50 characters/spaces/punctuation per side) will be embroidered around all four satin edges of the blanket. Text faces the center of the blanket, so someone could pick it up and read the embroidery clockwise around the edges.
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All embroidered blankets are 100% cotton and machine washable. Quality is very high: many of the materials can be found at high-end retail stores around the country. The embroidery is sewn onto the four satin edges.

Satin has long-been known to sooth babies. They will often rub the satin across their cheeks -- they enjoy the cool touch. Often, a blankie with satin becomes the baby's favorite.
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Embroidered Baby Blanket Size: Most blankets are 30"� x 30" a perfectly suitable size to wrap the baby in, and for children to carry around. But, at the same time, not too large.  We also offer a mini 20"x20" size and larger (30"x40" and 36"x36") sizes in select styles.

Personalized Baby Blankets > The History of Sonya Bebeblankee
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Embroidered Baby Blankets The real Miss Sonya was born in 1901. She was my wife's Swedish Mormor (which translates into "mother's mother"). Her loves were her family, baking, weaving and embroidery. When she wasn't in her kitchen making a loaf of cardamon coffee cake or some pepakokor cookies, she was in her rocking chair embroidering one of her heirloom quality blankets for the newest babyin the family.
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Embroidered Baby Blankets Her blankies were the inspiration for our Sonya Bebeblankees. We have searched high and low for the softest weaves and the silkiest edges. Each embroidered blankie is prepared with love and care. They are super-unique and extremely thoughtful. We hope we make you look good by giving this gift.
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Personalized Baby Blanket Offer customers a super-fun, fast, and easy way to give the most unique Baby Gift possible and generate the highest number of smiles we can muster.

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